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    时间: 2020-01-24 栏目: 英语四级作文

      Several decades ago, it should be a marvelous wonder to purchase our favorite gifts only by clicking the mouse and then just waiting for the door knock by a smiling expressive delivery courier with the exact package you ordered. While, today, it is no long a rare case. Combined with the fast food, the digital communication , online shopping has been a common part of our life.

      Admittedly, on line shopping offers magical convenience. For example, it saves time and offers numerous choices since floods of information can be supplied on Internet. While, every coin has tow sides and online shopping is no different. Have you still remembered the annoying time when you found the commodities you buy on Internet was not the slightest as what you had expected and long time had to be taken for its replace and even compensation. Actually, just with the seemingly beautiful pictures of the products on Internet, it is hard for us to make rational choices. After all, seeing is believing.

      Then, what should we do? The foremost is to enforce establish some relevant laws and regulations, with strong supervision over some shopping websites being reinforced as well. Then, the consumers also should be equipped with more alert in case of being trapped once again. Remember, any fast and- easy things asks for big prices to be paid.