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    时间: 2020-01-24 栏目: 初中英语作文

      Today, i went to my old house. i lived in it two years ago. when i am at school, i often think of my old house because it made me happy in the past. my old house is very tidy but old. it has only one level and there are just two rooms in it. i slept with my mother and my father ever evening. my old house is between two high houses, so it looks very small but lovely. when i lived in my old house, i often played with my sister at the weekends. but now i can’t, so i feel a little sad. two years ago, i could share my feelings with my parents too, but they were separate at last. so my old house is my favourite place. if i have some trouble, i think of it and my parents, i’ll always get lots of energy. i will then forget the trouble soon. do you think my old house is a wonderful place? yes, it’s my great “palace.”