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    时间: 2020-01-24 栏目: 初中英语作文

      I like my room, it was a normal house. Doors and Windows, small bed, a closet, and books, toys, and I study hard and get merit, have achieved the student testimonials. I still have some others not out of print collection: a few hair of the dog, plant roots, some pieces of glass and plastic joint flowers la...

      But sometimes, I hope that my room is not the same as now. Whenever I see someone in the pets, the plants, I hope that my room is a zoo and botanical garden. Every day with kangaroos, I like the dog, hamsters, rabbits and cats and so on; The cherry blossoms, peony, lily, jasmine and morning glory, etc... Them keep fat fat such as well, kind of tall and big, the animals were released into the nature, plants are planted in less number of areas.

      When I face failure, I hope that my room is a blue house. So many lovely Smurfs have to share things with me in my room, let them take me to a have a nice play in the world have no sorrow.

      When I get success, and I hope that my room is a pink house. The whole room is pink, full of warmth, even the sun through the glass are pink. The sun smile to me, the clouds elder sister to accompany my chat, feel life is full of beautiful forever.

      But, I want to want to go, still like the room now. During the day, in my homework, read a book, or entertainment; In the evening, I sleep and dream, a happy life.