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    时间: 2020-01-23 栏目: 初中英语作文

      I have a dream, a very different dream, that is when a boss.

      Though I admire actors of colorful, star of the ten thousand people, but I prefer the boss's commanding feeling.

      I admire Bill Gates, so I determined to be a boss like that, when a everyone respected, I want to make a lot of money, let mom and dad for me proud.

      Words and not of deeds is not, of course, in the past of the old days, as long as you dare to struggle, dare to rush, to dare to fight, is likely to be successful, but now not line, what matter all must have the knowledge, without knowledge is difficult, so I must study hard from now on, day day up, fighting for my goal, so you can be successful.

      In order to achieve my goal, in addition to knowledge, also need courage, because I ordered this goal, I have from the timid before I become brave. Once, when shopping at the mall, I had become separated from his mother, if before, I will be scared to cry, but this time, I walked to the front desk, consumedly square square to call the waiter aunt for me to put a broadcasting station, indeed as expected to find his mother.

      In order to my dream, I must study hard, do a famous boss in the future.