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    时间: 2018-06-07 栏目: 英语作文范文






      It is a great honor for meto express my own opinion on the topic whether it is good for us students tocorrect each other’s homework. I, Li Hua, have great enthusiasm for study. Inmy humble view, I think correcting the homework by each other among studentscan benefit students’ learning.

      First and foremost, students can be remindedof their own mistakes by correcting others’ homework. Students will think aboutthe reason why the others make mistakes when the mistakes when the mistake isexposed. Moreover, students will alert themselves when they are likely to makethe same mistake.

      Secondly, correcting others’ homework candeepen students’ memory. Students can grasp the opportunity to memorize thesame thing again by correcting others’ homework.

      Last but not least, this measure can improvestudents’ sense of responsibility. Students must be responsible for others’homework, so they should concentrate on correcting the homework.

      As a senior three student, my Chineseteacher always asks us to correct other students’ dictation, which actuallyhelps me to memorize the ancient poems. I can memorize the poem twice and evenmore when I correct others’ dictation.

      In conclusion, correcting homework bystudents can actually benefit their study.

      Thank you!