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    时间: 2014-08-26 栏目: 初中英语作文

      It is Teachers' Day on September 10th every year. Teachers are the greatest people in the world, I think, because they teach us how to write and read. The most important is that they teach us how to be a real man. They are also kind to everybody and they don't want anyone to fall behind others. They always get on very well with their students, and they are our best friends. When students are in trouble, they can help them in time.' I will be a teacher when I grow up.
      Teachers' Day comes on September 10th every year. On the day we usually give our teachers cards to show our thanks. I thank them for helping me when I am in trouble, and I thank them for teaching me how to be a real man.
      Of course they are very friendly to everyone. They always get on very well with their students. They are not only our teachers but also our friends. They love us very much and we love them,too.
      Today is September 10. It is Teachers'Day. Xiao Hua has been ill in bed for more than a week.  Her teacher comes to her home to give her lessons after school every day.
      In order to show their respect, Xiao Hua and her mother decide to give the teacher a present.They make a big red flower. When the teacher arrives, Xiao Hua presents the flower to the teacher.  (www.nucuoivn.net)She fastens it to the breast of her teacher' s jacket, and says  “Happy Teachers' Day”  to her.
      The teacher expresses her thanks and sets down to give her lessons.  Xiao Hua's mother pours a glass of water for the teacher and puts a lamp on the table.
      National Teacher Day is always the Tuesday of the first full week of May. And it is always for our students to give our special thanks to our lovely teacher.
      I still remember last year when I was feeling lost,down and out,I had no idea about my life,my love,my study even doubt why I was here in the world.So then came so much wine and smoke,I was tired,physical and mental.I even wanted to end my life just jumping from the top of our building.
      Then my teacher came to me, she said she knew what I was afraid of, she also told me that's very common like many young people of my age. She told me to call her anytime I need her help.I did so ,we often chat miracle and made some phone call.I just can't remember when come the mirical.I have found myself now!!!
      Another teacher's day,to all the teachers,to our parents.