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    关于自由的英语作文:I’m Dreaming of freedom

    时间: 2012-07-17 栏目: 英语四级作文

    关于自由的英语作文:I’m Dreaming of freedom







     I’m Dreaming of freedom

     Dear mother

     Mum, do you still remember what animalllike best? It’s tiger.I like its arrogance and mi-ghtiness. Its power seems to control everything.L21However, many beings are thus hurt by itsforceL31. Therefore,I do hate it if my mother islike a tiger.

     In the past 18 years,I have always beenliving at the mercy of you. You are always for-mulating a large number of strict rules. Forexample, you would forbid me to attend asleepover or have a play date.I can follow thesebecauseI understand your worryi about mysafety and health. Yet sometimes I can’t standsuch bans as choosing my own extracurricularactivities. Instead, you often tell me ‘you lieupon thorns when old.’But have you everthought that freedom is also a treasure for me?Have you ever known that a teenager has his orher voice as well? Have you ever wondered whatI am really tlunking about all the time?

     When other children are playing games, Iam playing the piano. When other children arewatching TV, I am doiing homework. When other children are performing in a school play, Iam reading books to prepare for the exams. Sometimes I would consider giving up whenl amnearly tired out. In my mind comes the voice:Only those who could achieve good gradescan laugh the best! Although I can always get a good mark, I am not a bit happy.

     Mum, I am desperate for some freedom.If you don&acute;t have faith in me, you can give meonly one-month of freedom to arrange my study and life on my own. I promise I will try my bestto maintain my balance between playing andstudying. I simply don’t want to say ‘my largestpity is not having a happy periodL91 in my highschool life.’when I am old. The greatest love is to let go instead of controlling. Please lendme a pair of wings to help me fly higher, furtherand more freely.

     Lovely yours

     Your daughter


     同样是写给妈妈的信,本文作者用叙说的方式表达了对"tiger trauung’的反对,以及对自由的渴望。文章以自己喜爱的动物作为开头,自然而然地道出自己对“虎妈”教育的不满。正文先用简单的字句和事例描述了妈妈的严格教育;接着以三个排比问句过渡,说出自己内心的声音;以祈使句结尾,强烈表达对自由的向往。通篇结构简洁,过渡明显,长短句错落有致,但是要注意个别单词、词组的用法。