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    时间: 2007-06-12 栏目: 初中英语作文

    假如你是英国学生PETER在北京学习,请按下文给你的朋友MARY写一封信谈一下北京和伦敦的异同相同点:北京和伦敦都是首都和重要城市,都拥有众多人口,都是国家经济 政治 文化中心,都拥有许多历史,文化古迹不同点:伦敦;汽车靠左行,很多人坐汽车上班 阴天多 懂汉语人少 学生不充分利用时间
    北京:汽车靠右行很多人骑自行车上班 晴天多 懂 英语人多 学生学习勤奋

    Dear Mary,

    I have been living in Beijing for some time now and I find it very interesting here.

    There are so many similarities between Beijing and London. They are both the capital of the country and are both very important cities. Both places have huge populations. They are both the economical, political and cultural center. They both have many historical and cultrual

    I also found many differences in the two cities. In London we drive on the left side of the road, while in Beijing they drive on the right side. Most people in London go to work via public transportation, here in Beijing most people rides bycicles. In London the weather is always cloudy, here in Beijing most the the time it's sunny. And in London most student don't spend their time efficiently, but here in Beijing many people speak English cause they study hard.